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Welcome to SFYogahead! January 11, 2009

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karen on jen's balcony, SF, 2008SFYogahead is the new place to find out news about the San Francisco yoga scene. I developed this blog as an extension of Samadhi & The City, the Yoga Journal blog I wrote from June 2007 to January 2009. Due to budgetary constraints at Yoga Journal, Samadhi & The City was canceled, but people still expressed interest in being kept abreast of what was going on in town. It’s my hope that SFYogahead can one day be a full-fledged website with local yoga listings, resources, video, etc. (If you are interested in helping out on this initiative, let me know!) But for now, it’s a weekly blog, just like Samadhi & The City, all about local yoga. Enjoy!


One Response to “Welcome to SFYogahead!”

  1. sstukin Says:

    Yeah! You’re up and running….hopefully I will be too in the next week or so. Then we can link — blog roll anyone? xs

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